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The freshest farm in the state of Georgia

  • 1979
  • 1999
  • 2018
About Us

Our Story

In 1979, a few acres of land quickly turned into the one of the largest farms in Valdosta. We have proudly served the city and the people of Valosta for over 39 years and counting.

Our Goal: The goal was (and still is) to provide a service where local homes and businesses are given priority and members are able to access the freshest natural produce available at a fair price.

We’ve spent the past 39 years building a business and service that we love.

Farmer Brown
Who We Are

Its been a wonderful 39 years

The term "produce" often implies that the farm products are fresh and generally in the same state as where they were harvested

39 years of hard and work and dedication for the city of Valdosta. Our goal is to harvest the freshest produce period.

Farmer Browns Jellies, Jams, Honey, and other home made items have been a wonderful addition to the Farmer Brown brand and natural freshness reputation.

Farmer Brown
The Future

Our Virtual Farm

The virtual farm will allow you to seek and order your favorite farmer brown produce from anywhere anytime.

The virtual world has arrived and Farmer Browns will implement the right technology to bring the freshness to you faster by the day.

The virtual farm is slated for a Spring 2018 launch

Farmer Brown

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Why Farmer Browns?

Natural Produce

39 years and counting, we strive for freshness with every single unit of produce we offer

Premium Freshness

From home-made ice cream to home made jellies and jams. Farmer Brown´s is at the top of the list

Premium Taste

Taste the produce and take a free sample with you. We guarantee the freshness of our products
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We are available Monday through Saturday 8am - 6pm and Sunday 8 am to 5 pm to address all of your needs and concerns.